Published: June, 30 2019 by Bruno Berenguer, Yury Bukayev

Yury V. Bukayev’s book

Yury V. Bukayev
Yury V. Bukayev

Chemical Elements: the New Laws. Correction, Mathematization of the Periodic Law, Tables, Tests. The New Form of the Fajans-Soddy Law

Yury V. Bukayev’s book ‘Chemical Elements: the New Laws. Correction, Mathematization of the Periodic Law, Tables, Tests. The New Form of the Fajans-Soddy Law’ (Moscow: IMGRE, 2019 – ISBN 978-5-4472-7764-2) - his research work (it was validated and published by IMGRE - Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements, it has a recommendatory letter written in 2018 by D.Sc. Nikolay F. Stepanov, Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) - contains his scientific discoveries in the modern concept of periodicity and in some related fields of science. All the discoveries are theoretical and are made on the basis of known and recognized experimental data. The definition of a concept ‘group of chemical elements’ and the total number of these groups are corrected. The problem of empty positions in groups is solved. ‘Periodic function’ - the ‘atomic’ concept of little content - is divided into some concepts including the one corresponding to periodic function in mathematics, and new ‘atomic’ functions of this one are presented. The wording of the Periodic law is corrected, and the derivation of its equation is given, the common description of periodicity is made. The natural Periodic table reflecting the corrected Periodic law and having no of many shortcomings of known Periodic tables is drawn. Two consequences of discovery of the modern quantum Pyykkö model including change of number of common forms of the Fajans-Soddy law are revised. Some common tests (criteria) including the test of chromaticity of the ‘simplest’ free ions are formulated.

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